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What is the PLPG?

Have you heard of the PLPG?  The acronym stands for the Pocket Lighter and Pyro Gadgets Club.  The PLPG was established in 1982 and transistion in 2007 to the Pocket Lighter and Pyro Gadgets organization.  We will continue to spread the word about the fun of lighter collecting. Our purpose is to keep the HOBBY of lighter collecting alive through you , the collector and have a whole lot of fun doing it.

The PLPG is interested in promoting all types of lighters, from the earliest primitives, through Ronson, Evans, Dunhill and of course Zippo.  Many of our members have years of expertise that they are eager to share with you as a PLPG member, so if your serious about collecting, the PLPG is the place to be.

What about Shows?

The PLPG now has one show a year which is in St. Louis and alternate sites will be considered.
Our shows are an occassion for collectors to get together to buy, sell and trade lighters and stories.  PLPG members get a large discount on the price of tables for our shows.  Entry into shows is free for PLPG members, so if displaying is not your thing, you can go just to enjoy the lighters, the company of the collectors or to get appraisals for your lighters.